The Studio

A safe, relaxing, judgement free space and calming zone in a private, sound-proofed outhouse.


I will never make you do anything you simply don’t want to do, my aim is to share my passion and help you find enjoyment in learning as a singer.

We will begin with a discussion on initial lessons, cover basics and go over all the different things that I can offer - We can then discover which aspects appeal to you most!

All About Me

Taylor-Louise Thomas DipLCM




  • Royal Shakespeare Company, Trinity College London, arts award 

  • University of West London, Musical Theatre Performance Diploma

  • UAL Level 3 extended Diploma in Performing and Production Arts

  • London College of Music, UWL, Music Theatre Vocal

  • London College of Music, Popular Music Vocals

  • Estill Voice Figures & Qualities level One & Two

  • London College of Music, Acoustic Guitar 

  • The Vocal Process SOVT Training LV.1

  • BAST Training for Singing Teachers

  • Vocal Health First Aider


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